Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d: Relief from Allergy Misery, Now 20% Off

Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d is a hydrolyzed protein diet clinically formulated to provide relief from adverse food reactions in dogs. For Prime Day, Hill’s is offering 20% off their z/d cans, pouches and 8 lb. bags so you can provide your dog nutritionally complete, hydrolyzed comfort food for less when allergies flare up.

Hydrolyzed for Food Allergy Management

z/d contains a single animal protein source that is hydrolyzed, or broken into tiny pieces, to eliminate components that trigger allergic reactions in dogs. This “hydrolyzed” protein is too small to trigger an immune system response, even for dogs with food sensitivities. Paired with a precise blend of supplements, z/d provides full nutrition using one protein source suitable for elimination trials and long-term feeding.

Helps Identify Allergy Triggers

During an elimination diet, z/d hydrolyzed protein is fed exclusively for 8-12 weeks to help determine possible triggers for your dog’s discomfort. If symptoms resolve when only eating z/d, different ingredients can then be added back one at a time until the allergen source is identified. For some dogs, hydrolyzed protein diets like z/d must be fed long-term to prevent allergy flare-ups from other foods.

Soothes Skin and Digestion

The hydrolyzed protein in z/d is formulated especially for dogs with adverse food reactions causing inflammation or discomfort. Highly digestible and nutritionally complete, z/d promotes gut health and nutrient absorption. Essential fatty acids support skin and coat health when allergies lead to effects like hot spots or dander. For many dogs suffering chronic allergy symptoms, z/d can help resolve infections and provide relief from constant itching or bowel disruptions.

20% Off for Veterinary Relief

To provide relief when misery strikes, Hill’s is offering 20% off the following z/d items for Prime Day:

  • z/d Canine Low Allergen Canned Food – 12 cans. Was $33.49, Now $26.79
  • z/d Feline Low Allergen Pouches – 24 pouches. Was $38.99, Now $31.19
  • z/d Canine Low Allergen Dry Food – 8 lbs. Was $49.49, Now $39.59

Chronic discomfort from adverse food reactions steals joy and vitality from their life and yours. For proven relief, Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d utilizes hydrolyzed protein to calm symptoms at their source. This Prime Day, save 20% on veterinarian-recommended nutrition that heals and comforts. Together reclaim the vibrant bond allergies once did bind; find solace in each symptom-free day the moment allergen no longer offends. Always the ready remedy for your faithful friend, seize savings for the nutritional relief on which you can depend. The end to misery draws near at 20% off – in this diet shall salvation from allergy appear!