Science Diet Sensitive Stomach – Nutrition for GI Health

Science Diet Sensitive Stomach provides specialized nutrition for dogs with gastrointestinal sensitivities or other issues like colitis or diarrhea. Their kibble formulas are made from high-quality, natural ingredients including prebiotics and supplements to support digestive health and stool quality in sensitive dogs. For nutrition specifically tailored to improve and maintain GI wellness, ask your vet about Science Diet Sensitive Stomach.

Sensitive Stomach Formulas for GI Health

Science Diet offers several kibble formulas for dogs with sensitive stomachs or other gastrointestinal issues:
•Adult Sensitive Stomach: Highly digestible ingredients with prebiotic fiber, antioxidants and fatty acids. Limited ingredients for food sensitivities.
•Puppy Sensitive Stomach: Tailored for puppies with similar limited, gentle ingredient list plus DHA for cognitive health and essential supplements for growth.
•I/D Prescription Diet: For acute GI upset or inflammation. Highly digestible with hydrolyzed protein, prebiotics, medium chain triglycerides. Requires veterinary authorization.
•Gastroenteric Fiber Balance: For chronic diarrhea or loose stools. Added prebiotics, probiotics and insoluble/soluble fibers to improve stool quality and GI health. Requires veterinary authorization.
Each formula contains only natural, high-quality ingredients with supplements shown to benefit GI and overall health for sensitive dogs. For acute or chronic stomach upsets, food intolerances or needing nutritional support for medical issues, Science Diet Sensitive Stomach can help. Ask your vet which formula best meets your dog’s needs.

Benefits of Science Diet Sensitive Stomach

Science Diet Sensitive Stomach provides the following benefits for dogs with GI sensitivities or illnesses:
•Improved stool quality and GI health: Added fibers, pre/probiotics help normalize digestion and stool formation.
•Reduced gastrointestinal inflammation: ‘Hydrolyzed’ limited ingredient diets minimize potential for adverse food reactions. Essential fatty acids help reduce inflammation.
•Optimal digestion: Highly digestible ingredients, digestive supplements and MCT oils facilitate digestion and nutrient absorption.
•Nutritional balance: Complete, balanced nutrition for long term feeding or to help restore balance after GI upset. Meets AAFCO nutritional standards.
•Natural, quality ingredients: No artificial additives. Ingredients backed by scientific research to benefit sensitive GI health. Manufactured in the US.
•Veterinary formulated: Developed alongside veterinary nutritionists and gastroenterologists. Specific ‘prescription’ formulas available.
For nutritional solutions backed by science to support your dog’s sensitive stomach and GI health, ask your vet about Science Diet Sensitive Stomach. Natural ingredients and supplements for optimal digestion – find what soothes and heals from the inside out.

Science Diet Sensitive Stomach provides specialized nutrition formulated to improve and maintain gastrointestinal health in dogs with food sensitivities, acute or chronic stomach issues and other disorders like colitis or IBD. Their kibble diets offer limited, highly digestible ingredients, pre/probiotics and essential fatty acids for digestive wellness and reduced inflammation. For sensitive dogs and concerned owners seeking a nutritionally balanced approach to long term GI health, Science Diet Sensitive Stomach has a formula to soothe and heal on the inside – ask your vet which one is right for your dog’s needs. Natural nutrition working with veterinary science – together, the sensitive way.

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